Each composer included in Dal Niente's “Neue Musik” project exhibits a different facet of their simultaneous engagement with and struggle against the rich cultural and musical tradition of Germany. From the fundamental reconsiderations of instrumental technique of Lachenmann, to Poppe's synthesis of American and European traditions of performance and improvisation, to Kreidler’s encounters with contemporary capitalism, this concert presents a breathtaking variety of musical experiences. The inclusion of something to hunt by American composer Ashley Fure, premiered by Dal Niente and winner of the Kranichstein Music Prize at the 2014 Darmstadt Summer Courses, demonstrates a healthy exchange of ideas between American and German artists.

Musicians Used:


Core Repertoire:

Enno Poppe - Salz (17')

Optional Repertoire:

Ashley Fure - something to hunt (11')
Rebecca Saunders - Into the Blue (13')
Carola Bauckholt - Zopf (8')
Mathias Spahlinger - adieu m'amour (15')
Johannes Kreidler - Stil 1i (9')
Mark Andre - zu staub (18')
Helmut Lachenmann - Guero (5')

Previous Presenters:

Permutations (@ The Dimenna Center)
Darmstadt Summer Courses for New Music
Boston University Center for New Music
Ensemble Dal Niente's Chicago Concert Season

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